The MEDSPORTIV® policy:
Only the very best ingredients.

With MEDSPORTIV® products the high efficiency of the ingredients does not result from the quantity applied but rather from their natural ratio. The positive results in the human body with regard to its multifarious functions must always be looked upon from the biological harmony.
For the production of our colostrum-based cosmetics and vital substance products we therefore exclusively use premium natural resources world-wide. We buy our selected raw materials on different continents preferably directly from the producer.

These comply with the highest European quality standards. Without fail they do not contain any residues of antibiotics and hormones, BSE or detrimental waste materials.

It can be taken for granted that we insist on the most sparing and ecologically compatible processing of the materials by our suppliers. The ingredients of our dermaceutical line of cosmetic

products are modified product-related for their intended purpose according to our long-term experience so that we can guarantee optimal

The concentration of our colostrum, which we have optimised, lies considerably above the average of the one in traditional cosmetics but without de-naturising the valuable raw material.

On principle, in our lines of colostrum vital substances we only use the pure natural substances, without adding preservatives, of course.
Our promise to you: Quality

Our conclusive quality assurance is an important factor for us. Therefore all MEDSPORTIV® colostrum products are subject to the most severe quality inspections to safeguard the deliverance of goods which have been tested and certified for their consistent level of high quality.

What we aim at: the optimum. What we use to achieve it: experience, heart and mind.

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