Your Own Brand

Apart from our own brand preparations we provide other packaging and design of products for various forms of distribution and trade. If desired we also supply you with the corresponding colostrum bulk.

Pick your own colostrum preparations from our vast selection according to your target group, and brand them with your own logo.

Be it label design or label printing, marketing or website presence, please don´t hesitate to ask for our tentative offer.

We offer you first-class service, and support you promoting your own brand by providing a collection of competent and interesting care and vital-substances products designed to your individual requirements.

Your start should not be affected detrimentally by the infeasibility of massive stocks. Also here we would like to offer agreeable and workable solutions.

Let us advise you.

We will attain your wishes.

A really brilliant product comprises more than just a standard formula and good ingredients.

If you wish we will develop for you an absolutely unique formula designed to your specific demands, and we also offer the appropriate industrial design.

Our optimized production processes enable us to manufacture your "Private Label", but also your special bulk product, speedily and flexibly.
Of course, we also deliver products following your established formula.

By our longstanding experience we have acquired an excellent reputation and established a faithful relationship with our partners.

Now and in future we will use our knowledge and long-term experience to develop for you the best colostrum products only.


Bestvital Colostrum Shop



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