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    Our new MEDSPORTIV® preparations with highly-active natural colostrum in selected quality and organic certification are only available at your chemist´s and from selected professional advisers.

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The BIO-colostrum contained in our CO▪VITAL products is, in its highest possible quality level, gained exclusively from the milking of the first
12 hours and only from controlled and organic animal husbandry. It is then gently chill-filtered
so that nearly all the important and valuable ingredients are preserved for the benefit of your health.

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Care Products

The entirely natural and beneficial elements of colostrum, combined with precious aloe vera,
protect and nurse your skin in a native and
gentle way hitherto unknown. In the innovative dermaceutical CO▪VITAL preparations the superb depth effect of aloe vera coalesces with the skin regenerating properties of colostrum and together they form a truly singular active agent.

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